Gia Qamar

Northern, NJ

Just your favorite neighbor who speaks to the departed, Gia Qamar has been drawn to all things spiritual since early childhood.
During her work as a Psychic, Medium and Reiki Master, she began to perceive 'whispers' from her collected skulls. She took their advice and, each time, learned they were correct!
And so the story of her Skull Council began.
A former professional Middle Eastern Dancer with a troupe of dancers and sold out dance classes, Gia left a promising career as a newspaper and magazine writer to follow her dance dreams. But soon her childhood spiritual yearnings called and Gia returned to her work reading Tarot and honoring both her clients in the living as well as on the other side of the veil.
Her joy is evident in all facets of her life, especially in her ability to share stories of her adventures.

Books by Gia Qamar