Vincent Bousserez

Paris, France

Vincent Bousserez was born in 1973. He lives and works in Paris.

Sensitive to the works of his godfather, the painter Michel Bousserez, Vincent was attracted at an early age to drawing and painting. Through studies both formal and informal, he worked to capture, in composition and light, a "decisive moment".

Vincent's found time to create for himself in the hours left outside of his work as a graphic designer in the world of advertising, to which he matriculated after business school. His ability to find and create images that convey meaning led him to work as an artistic director at internationally recognized advertising firms.

Vincent has become known internationally for his series Plastic Life, photographs of a miniature world in which characters reflect back to us in manipulated scale the minute absurdities and the small beauties of our larger life. Plastic Life and his new series of photographs have been exhibited and collected in France, Switzerland, GB and the USA.

Books by Vincent Bousserez