Marjorie Kneece

Lake Murray, South Carolina

Marjorie Kneece is an artist at heart. She comes from a family of attorneys, writers, and artists. She was born in Columbia, South Carolina and grew up nearby at Lake Murray. Since childhood, Marjorie has always enjoyed graphic arts and design, photography, writing, traveling, and working with computers. She has spent the majority of her life at beautiful Lake Murray and also lived in Charleston, South Carolina for five years.

As a graduate of the University of South Carolina in Information Management, Marjorie has worked in both the private and public sectors. She currently resides at her home on the lake and is employed by the government as a Director in the Information Technology and Program and Project Management fields.

When not at her day job, Marjorie is chasing the sunshine, watching wildlife at the lake, boating, writing, taking photographs, and doing work on the computer. She very much enjoys sitting on the patio and looking at the lake with her beloved Boxer dog.

Books by Marjorie Kneece