Luca Ferrara

Milan, Italy

I was born and raised in L'Aquila, a small Italian town in the Abruzzo region. After my post-graduate studies, in 2004, I moved to China and lived and worked there until 2022, when I moved to Milan.

I have always been keen to uncover the truth, record reality, develop an original point of view, engage with people, and share a well-researched story. Becoming a photographer was a natural consequence and I take inspiration from the way a photographer sees and engages with the world also when I do not hold a camera.

Some of my work is produced serendipitously during my travels; others are personal projects I build with intention over time (years); and still others are commissioned.

Some of my photographs are available in fine print and limited editions at, and I am currently working on several other long-form projects for my next books.

Books by Luca Ferrara