Jo Soeung


Chef Jo Soeung, a native of Baguio and proud Igorot, has been a culinary force across the globe. Her journey began in the nurturing kitchen of her grandmother in Baguio, where she absorbed the rich Cordilleran traditions alongside East Asian and Spanish influences. A significant move to Seattle in 2006 ignited her culinary passion, leading her to make her mark on renowned restaurants. In 2019, Chef Jo embraced the fresh bounty of Maui, launching Chef Jo LLC and Wow Baguio: A Pasalubong Shop. Today, based in Stuttgart, Germany, she continues to blend her Filipino heritage with global flavors, creating dishes that celebrate her roots and push culinary boundaries. In her free time, Jo loves to create, finding joy in sharing tools and insights she wished she had earlier in her career. Chef Jo's food is a gateway to cherished moments, each meal a testament to the power of love-infused cuisine.

Books by Jo Soeung