Denise F Fulmer

Sumter, SC USA


Denise is an artist, age 72, who also has Parkinson's disease and likely level 1 autism.

She has always liked to experiment and learn new things. We think this is demonstrated by the variety of artwork shown in her FAA collections.
This art begins in 1971 and continues up to the present.

In the past, she has done many different things to express her creativity:
dance, sewing, technical illustration, weaving, doll making, stuffed animal making, costume design, self-publishing books, painting, drawing, photography, digital art, and video making for upload to YouTube.

Currently she likes to draw cartoons and experiment with the Dream Wombo app.
Her vision is romantic, whimsical and spiritual.

She especially loves animals and has taken care of over 22 animal companions over the course of her life.
Nowadays she collects stuffed animals as a hobby...in lieu of the live ones.

Her books areon Blurb.com. Her videos are on YouTube,, the Denise F Fulmer channel.

Books by Denise F Fulmer