Chris Cartter

Barnet, Vermont, USA

Chris Cartter lives in northern Vermont on River Cloud Farm, in a net-zero home with his life partner Dakota. He spends his days working the land, cooking, mountain biking, skiing and flying airplanes (virtually). His special love is visits with his three adult children and grandson.

​In his prior life, he started two internet healthcare companies, co-founded the NGO Grassroots International, worked as a photojournalist, organized chicken growers in Maine, and survived both a stint taxi-driving in Boston and an ascent of the Northwest Face of Half Dome in Yosemite.

​Chris was an active member of the photo collective Impact Visuals in NYC. His photographs from conflict areas in the Philippines, Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Middle East have appeared in Newsweek, Spin, Christian Science Monitor, Middle East Reports, Miami Herald, Nuclear Times, Utne Reader, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, among others.

Books by Chris Cartter