Brittany Warner-Smith


Brittany Warner-Smith (b w-smith, if you’re nasty) is an artist and adventurer, creating all kinds of art while bouncing around the world.

She has been a tattoo artist in Hawaii, a Vans footwear designer in California, a digital nomad traveling coast-to-coast in her camper van, and many things before and after. As a self-described workshopaholic, art nerd, and forever student (getting degrees in Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Graphic Communications, and Entrepreneurship), there aren’t many mediums she hasn’t tried.

She opened an online shop during her tattoo apprenticeship and has been filling mailboxes with lovingly hand-lettered envelopes chocked full of art ever since.

You can order all kinds of goodies from her shop, but she is also enthusiastically open to freelance, commissions, and licensing work!

Books by Brittany Warner-Smith