Thee Imagist


I'm a self taught photographer, who "learned" photography by asking "what happens if I do this?" and then doing "it".
I started on prosumer digital cameras, getting a feel for what worked, and moved on to 35mm and 120mm film photography using cameras that were gifted to me. A Pentax Spotmatic, Nikon N6006, and a Diana Reproduction camera rounded out the bulk of what I've had slung around my neck. Sometimes all three fighting for that space.
I shoot by instinct, and go more by that instinct rather than calculating f/stops and shutter speed in some arcane ritual.
All that said, I hope my work connects with people. I can't and won't give an "artists statement" on what my work is about, or it's "meaning". I'd rather not sully the blank canvas of interpretation and expectation the viewer brings to each image, and allow them to determine what they take away from the experience.