Icelandic Textile Center

Blönduós, Iceland

The Icelandic Textile Center is located in Blönduós, Iceland. Founded in 2005, the Center aims to promote and develop Icelandic and international textiles. We initiate and participate in research projects and encourage collaboration, education, and innovation in the field of textiles.

Domiciled under the roof of the historical building of Kvennaskólinn, a former Women's College, the Textile Center Residency, Ós, provides visiting students, scholars, and makers with working spaces to conduct their artistic practice, research, and study-trips within textiles.

The Center is led by a governing board that comprises representatives from regional municipalities, associations, businesses and universities, including the Icelandic University of the Arts.

Areas of Expertise

Textiles, textile art, digital textiles, handcrafts and design.

Books by Icelandic Textile Center