Stephanie Ryan Artist

Downingtown, PA

Stephanie Ryan creates art that touches the heart and inspires the creative spirit. Her soothing, soulful, intuitive paintings are inspired by nature and the feelings that bind her to it, creating an introspective mood that connects the viewer with her art. It is visual poetry—beautiful colors with touches of light and inspired thoughts.

Stephanie has been creating art for as long as she remembers and started writing during a challenging time in her life. Through that experience she found a new appreciation for life and a profound calling to create art and words that inspire, encourage and comforts others. Stephanie has honed her ability to translate beautiful imagery and words into appealing consumer products that can be found at leading retailers and gift stores around the world.

Areas of Expertise

Stephanie's areas of expertise is watercolor and intuitive painting, as well as guiding others to mingle spiritual and energetic tools into their sacred art practices through her Intuitive Watercolor Florals course & her Intuitive Painting Studio IG Subscription.

Books by Stephanie Ryan Artist