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Whether you are a professional photographer, an enthusiast, a buyer, a collector, or involved in festivals and galleries, All About Photo is designed for you.

Our goal is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related.

Since its creation in 2013, All About Photo has offered an international perspective on contemporary photography. Each monthly edition of All About Photo Magazine (AAP Magazine), in print and online, centers on a specific theme. Our annual competition, All About Photo Awards - The Mind's Eye, helps both emerging and established photographers gain recognition. We believe exposure is crucial for photographers at any level to advance creatively and professionally. Our mission is to discover talented photographers, publish their projects, and promote them through our website and social media.

All About Photo is a free and independent magazine that has become a vibrant photography portal on the web.

Areas of Expertise

Information include: photo labs, framing stores, equipment and studio rentals, camera repair shops, schools, agencies, museums, galleries, institutes and centers, photo contests, portfolio reviews, exhibitions, fairs and festivals, books, online and paper magazines and of course articles related to photography.

Professional Affiliations

All about photo belongs to SF Very Special Projects, LLC. was launched in February 2013 by Editor/Photographer Sandrine Hermand-Grisel in San Francisco, California.

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