Marc Pennartz


Marc Pennartz is based in the Antwerp region in Belgium. His photography work varies from abstract street photography in color, to neo-pictorialist work in near monochrome. He also helps fellow photographers during workshops and through his popular Dutch-language blog on street photography.

"I have always taken pictures. At home, outside, and in a previous life as a journalist when I took photos for my articles. However, it gained momentum after a series of serious setbacks in my personal life. I went out on the street and frantically started shooting in a desire for some peace and quiet. I have not yet returned from that trip."

"I see my photos as tiny fragments of what’s around us. Scenes or objects that are basically irrelevant, but that are able to convey some sort of emotion when taken out of context or isolated by the eye of the photographer. What kind of emotion is something I leave up to the viewer. I like to keep things ambiguous. That's when art is at its best."

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