Annie Mau


Annie Mau grew up a native Cantonese speaker in Hong Kong; She now works as a freelance graphic designer and has since relocated to Hamburg in Germany.

With Hamburg being a far city from Hong Kong, and with her unfailing commitment to create an interesting learning environment for her daughter Victoria to learn Cantonese, every night Annie would tell Victoria the fantastic tale of The Three Foresteers - Mocha the Bear, Dr. Frog and Pin Pin the Butterfly (a dynamic trio of jungle friends that go on adventures together).

Annie soon discovered that there are limited resources and stories for overseas children to learn Cantonese, and so, this series was created - Annie decided to turn Victoria’s bedtime stories into a series of books, written in colloquial Cantonese and English.

Annie had also created a Youtube channel “Learn Cantonese with Victoria“, to make it fun for her daughter to learn the Cantonese vocabulary.維維看世界LearnCantonesewithVictoria

Books by Annie Mau