Scott J G Walker

United Kingdom

I got introduced to the world of Blip by a couple of my friends after realising the individual decides how to use blip as both of them had very different styles and approaches.
I joined Blip a few months, after purchasing my DSLR, with a view that it would motivate me to carry my camera around, help me understand my camera and in return get better at taking pictures. 
However, as well as improving my photography I also seen it as a journal that I can leave behind for my Daughter to read over at a later date.
I continuously posted a journal for over 4.5 years and you will see I’ve shared a lot, including the diagnosis of a tumour on my Pituitary Gland (base of brain). 

However, separating from my estranged wife in 2014 meant I stopped, more out of respect, and after a three year absence have restarted.  

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